Best train trip ever

So I love train travel, absolutely adore it, and I feel pretty strongly that there is no better way to travel (even though when I take trains in America I ALWAYS end up next to a sketchy guy who talks my ear off or asks me inappropriate questions). The train ride to Cesky Krumlov was gorgeous and was a whole different landscape than I've seen in the Czech Republic so far, very hilly, lots of agriculture (it looked like the picture below, even though this was taken at the castle) and I even saw several deer (the hop like bunnies and have horns like goats but I'm still pretty sure they were deer). The train ride was almost the best part of the whole trip because once I got to Cesky Krumlov and found my hotel I found out I was the only person staying in the hotel (it's not like in the states where there is always a staff member on the premises) and I had a first floor room (I have first floor phobia ever since the window of my room was kicked in Freshman year of college). So I slept fully clothed, even with my jacket on (I contemplated leaving my shoes on but I didn't want to get the bed dirty) and I think it can go without saying that it was not the most restful sleep ever and I stayed on edge for most of the next day. But if you ever get a chance, you should go to Cesky Krumlov, and take a train there, just ask for a room on the second floor!

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