St. Stephen's Cathedral

We ended up going up both towers at St. Stephen's, first the South Tower which is shorter and which you can take an elevator up. Then we climbed the North Tower, all 334 winding steps up, and then all 334 down.
A view of St. Stephen's when it was neither raining nor night time. The tiles on the roof are purely decorative, according to one of the many guidebooks in our apartment St. Stephen's managed to avoid serious damage for most of WWII, however near the end of the war the roof did catch fire causing it to collapse. Due to an outpouring of civic pride however, the roof was soon rebuilt and each individual who donated "owns" one of the colored tiles that form both the zig-zag pattern and the Hapsburg crest.
We walked into Stephenplatz (the square around St. Stephen's) on our first night in Vienna. It was raining that whole day so not only were we soaked but it made it rather difficult to take pictures. I actually like how this "failed picture attempt" turned out though.

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