This was the view from my hotel room, not too bad, huh? The train ride was about 36 hours, a little longer since the train broke down along the way. But in the Indian style, food was brought by every two hours or so, even delicious kulfi at one point (a delicious frozen yogurt that was very creamy). Sleeping on the train was fun since the seats turned into bunks. We spent our time in Darjeeling visiting different monasteries and temples and eating a lot. One morning we also got up very, very early and drove to an observation area where we were able to see Mt. Everest (and by see I mean squint in the distance and go "I think it's that one, yeah, the one the size of my thumb, that's it"). The area we were in though had limited power and water which made it very cold at night and I came to have a whole new appreciation for a hot water bottle to snuggle with!

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