Trains, temples and monasteries ... oh my

Children at the train station
Small prayer wheels
One day we took a little toy train about a half hour down the mountain to visit several monasteries and temples. The Tibetan Buddhism monastery had the most beautiful murals covering all the walls with depictions of different gods and goddesses. At one monastery we were given a great honor and allowed to enter during studies. We sat and watched the young boys learning scriptures and I was captivated by one small boy who couldn't have been older than five or six. He was sitting in the sun and kept falling asleep, such a sweet expression on his face. At this monastery we also entered a room where the large prayer wheels were kept (about seven feet tall) and a monk directed me to a vacant one and had me start spinning it and began to teach me a mantra, it was an amazing experience to be so welcomed in to another individual's faith and religious practice, especially when I was so clearly an outsider.

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