"Okay feet, you do the thinking!"

So I took the tram back to Namesti Miru today and was feeling in a bit of a funk, not for any real reason, just one of those days. I was going to head back to the apartment for my normal tea and chocolate routine (with the new Rooiboos tea I was excited to try) but getting off the tram, my feet decided that I was not going home yet. My feet decided to send me in the direction of the park by the apartment and then they walked me to a bench and told me to sit down. Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine, soaking in that wonderful vitamin D, and it was impossible to stay grumpy when I looked up and saw all the dogs chasing each other, the families playing Frisbee, or the little kids climbing trees. Since my feet had done so well, I figured I'd let them be in charge for the rest of the afternoon (they thought it was about time I trusted them) and they took me on quite a nice little walk around the neighborhood (where I ran into the cute fellow below) and another park before bringing me back to the apartment. Good job feet!
This old guy was just relaxing in the sun, isn't he a cutie. He reminds me of Camper, what do you think Rick?

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