The real reason I went to Bratislava

So it may sound silly, but the one thing I really wanted to see in Bratislava was the funny statues they have spread throughout the old town area. This one is a bit of a laugh at Napoleon's expense (remember the cannon balls in the walls?) and to add to it, he's positioned right in front of the French embassy, subtle huh?
This is Cumin, he just sits and looks out at the world, the poor guy has been driven over by a truck twice, but he's still smiling!
Schoner Naci. Most statues are to mark the achievements of a great leader or a soldier. This man however was a poor carpet cleaner who used to put on his best coat and a top had and walk around the town giving gifts to pretty ladies, since he helped brighten up communist times, they put up this statue to him in front of his favorite cafe.
Mr. Hans Christian Anderson, this was in the park where there is also a life size chess board so you can play with people (like in Harry Potter!). Do you think the snail by his feet is supposed to be his muse?


Lauren's Mom said...

The statues make me want to travel from Maine to Bratislava. They are great. Best if clicked on and enlarged. I think the little guy whispering in Hans Christian Andersen's ear is his muse

Lulu said...

I wish I'd gotten a close-up of the little guy on his shoulder, he actually looks like a scary little monkey!