Delhi and Agra

On the road from Agra back to Delhi where we were staying, the drive was beautiful even if the day over all was terrifying. We soon found out that our driver appeared to be narcoleptic. He fell asleep at the wheel every four minutes or so, and it was about a two hour drive one way. I sat in the back seat praying to every god and goddess I know (luckily as a Religious Studies major I know a lot) that we would not die. Also, in addition to visiting the Taj Mahal we went to the nearby site of Fatehpur Sikri which was a Mughal capital and a world heritage site. The place unfortunately felt very dangerous with lots of strange men loitering (this is pretty common all over India) and we ended up spending very little time here.
The main gate at Fatehpur Sikri.
Fatehpur Sikri was beautiful with the use of red stone contrasted with white and black marble and the architecture was just stunning, too bad we rushed through here!

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