Casa Batllo

The facade of Casa Batllo created by Antoni Gaudi. It was built in 1877 and Gaudi was commissioned to remodel it in 1905, this is just one of many of his modern buildings that are spread throughout Barcelona. The city also has Park Guell, and La Sagrada Familia, the church designed by Gaudi that is not yet finished and projected dates predict it will not be completed until the 2020's. This house is also known as "The House of Bones" because of the design on the facade.
There are very few straight lines in this home, Gaudi instead worked primarily with curving and spiraling elements so as to mimic nature.
On the roof Gaudi carried out a St. George and the dragon theme with the roof line mimicking the spine of a dragons back.
One of the two spiral staircases leading from the loft to the roof.
At the center of the house the tiles change from dark blue at the top to baby blue near the ground floor. This all feeds into the underwater theme for the house. Also interesting was how Gaudi made sure his designs allowed for the maximum amount of light and air flow with all the doors having sliding vents to ensure a steady flow of fresh air, even with the doors closed.
Ceramic tiles on the back terrace of the house. Gaudi used ceramic mosaics extensively in both Casa Batllo and Park Guell to create colorful and whimsical pieces.

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