I think I'm turning into Mr. Rogers

As I mentioned, there were blizzard like conditions here this afternoon. I should clarify however that this was a blizzard only by Eastern European (or perhaps Maryland) standards. I spent the last four years going to school where we regularly got frostbite warnings and two feet of snow over night was considered business as usual (that's north country NY for you!)

So, I've been a little spoiled by weather here, until today when the sight of all this hail made me rush to make my afternoon tea to warm up (which if you're curious, I take with lots of sugar and a great deal of milk as I was trained to in India). As for why it would now be acceptable to call me Lulu Rogers... every afternoon I come home and take off my coat, and then get my security blanket of a sweatshirt and put that on. I then take off my sneakers and put on house slippers. The only thing I have not done is created an imaginary world complete with King Friday in the apartment (but if I'm talking to ducks and cats this can't be too far away!) Oh, and the "blizzard" just stopped.

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