Remember the duck?

... well meet the cat, my newest friend who came meowing over to me on my walk back to the apartment (in the middle of a freak blizzard!). I was prepared to slip her into my coat so she didn't freeze her little kitty behind off, but she decided to run under a parked car instead. Oh and if you were wondering she was indeed a solid black cat, but I am not superstitious like that (I just refuse to touch any pennies that are tails up to the extent that if I drop them and they land that way they will stay in the floor until my roommate kindly picks them up for me).


Nicole said...

How funny... I knew that only the heads up penny was good luck but had no idea the other side was actually bad luck! I read once that the time it takes to pick up a penny equates to about $33/hour so I always pick them up no matter what way it is facing. Yikes! Wonder if I have caused undue bad luck? ;-)

Lulu said...

I don't know anyone else who has this weird superstition, so I think it is something I made up with bizarro-inverse logic!

Rick said...

Having personally picked up many of your unlucky pennies and not suffered any repercussions, I think it is something you don't have to worry about :)

Picking random stray animals though is something I would think does have the potential for serious bad luck of the scratching variety. It was a cool looking cat though.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell Tom about the black cat. He is very superstitious about them. I have to agree with Rick about the relative risks of picking up different things
Lauren's mom