More Malgrat de Mar

My artistic shot for the day. The terraces on one of the many condominiums/hotels in Malgrat de Mar and Santa Sussana.
I wish I could say that this was Tom's idea, but no. It was my idea to make me look like an idiot, although I do think I told Tom he should do it first. So I guess I can now say I went horseback riding in Spain!
The hills in the distance. Some stretches from Malgrat de Mar into Barcelona were a little seedy and there was a lot more signs of poverty than there are in the Czech Republic. On the hour train ride into the city, various people would come through the train begging. One young boy had cards with his story written out (I'm sure it would have been a very sad one if I was able to read Spanish, I did pick up "no home, no family") and he would drop the cards on the seat or in your lap, and then come back in a couple minutes to collect the card and some money. We ended up seeing him a couple times in the course of traveling back and forth between Barcelona and Malgrat de Mar. He was a cute kid and would give a very sincere "mucho gracias" when you gave him money, but the best part was that he was wearing a hat with just about every expletive I know written on it.


Rick said...

You sure thats a horse and not some mix of a dalmatian and a donkey?

Lulu said...

Hmm, it could be, it's so hard to tell with some mixed-breeds