One day there was a field trip to the Blarney Castle. Climbing up to the top was quite the adventure since it is an old castle and the spiral staircases are narrow and steep. Some rooms remained somewhat intact but the real appeal was the Blarney stone at the top. There's a man who's job is to hold people while they are somewhat upside down so they can inch out into position to kiss the Blarney stone for good luck. There will be more on the castle and stone kissing soon, but for now I have to go to an interview, eek!


Nicole said...

Oh. Job hunting? Good luck!

I was just thinking about your "I" countries again. Did you read, "Eat, Pray, Love"? In it the author goes to Italy, India and Indonesia! Good book... what I have read so far. Italy was great, India and the ashram... a little slow for me.

Lulu said...

I did read that book and loved it. I definitely agree though, the Italy section was my favorite. The Indonesia section is also good. I read that while traveling with my sister and I would want to stay up much later reading it but the light bothered her so finally I went into the bathroom and read the rest of the book in the bathtub!