A brief distraction

I know this is supposed to be India week, but I was sitting in my room, sifting through pictures and typing up a new posting when I looked out my window and saw smoke. In front of the house was full of white smoke and I couldn't even see cars in the road that runs less than 20 feet away from my window. There was a car that had broken down in the middle of the road, and had called for a tow truck. Once the truck got their however, the car burst into flames. Soon the street was clogged with ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, a tow truck, and a poor burning marshmallow of a car. Not to fear however, everyone is safe, if a little shaken. And because I inherited my Mom's fascination with disasters (during big huge scary storms we drive down to the beach to see what it looks like) I watched all the goings on and even have a picture so you can share in all the goings-on.

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