Goodbye Peaks!

Photo credit goes to my grandfather, Boppo, who took this picture from the deck of Jones' Landing where Mom and Tom had their wedding reception.
Every year we have to say goodbye to Peaks, pack up all our stuff, load up the truck, and drive down to the dock (getting the truck there nice and early so it's in line to make it on the ferry). While we wait we may take one last bike ride around the island, get one last milkshake or hot dog, or just go stand on the dock for one last time that summer. While other travel makes me happy to go back home, Peaks already feels like home except much more carefree and relaxing; having to leave such a beautiful place is always difficult, but luckily we keep going back each year.


Visit ToDay said...

Ba Bye
Where is your next visit?

Lulu said...

well I don't have anything overseas planned for a little bit, but I will be going to the adirondacks in NY next weekend.