Welcome to Peaks

For the last three or four years, my family and I have been lucky enough to spend one week each summer on Peaks Island. Located off the coast of Portland, it is an approximately 25 minute ferry ride to get to the small and charming island. We've had a lot of great memories there whether it be spending all day on the dock crab fishing, biking down to the store in the morning to get coffee and the newspaper, jumping off the dock, rock climbing to avoid a path with poison ivy, and most recently the wedding reception for my Mom and Tom.

Both my Mom and Tom are avid runners and they first discovered this picturesque place when they ran a 5K there. The island is only four miles around so longer runs or races take a little creativity. We have as a family ran a very amusing clam shell relay race that takes place on the fourth of July. Going to Peaks is very different than any other vacations or traveling for us since there's no frantic scheduling or sightseeing tours. Each day is spent in a laid back manner with a nice combination of bike riding, swimming, reading, eating, and marshmallow toasting. I think it's the best family tradition we have so far!

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