Tutu Tuesday... oh shoot, it's Monday!

I know the image quality isn't great, but it's the only picture I have of me in this gorgeous Spanish themed Russian tutu (Russian means it's the shorter style as opposed to the longer ones that are called romantic tutus, this could also be called a classical "pancake" tutu although the layers are a little heavier than is traditional) that I helped make. My first three years of undergrad I worked in the costume shop at my university so I got to make lots of costumes (I'm apparently a wiz at sewing glitter on and constructing the bodices). I just found this picture on my computer and got all nostalgic about how much fun it is to construct a gorgeous tutu!


Nicole said...

I love it. Such a cool costume. My daughter would think you were a "princess"!

Lulu said...

Hehe, she should see all the pictures of me in actual princess gowns, or Edwardian period pieces! Tutus are by far my favorite but when you work at a costume shop and get bored there is a very wide variety of clothes to play dress up in!