Goodbye India

This is one of our India friends teaching me how to tie a veshti (while they're traditionally worn by men, they're super comfy and since it's pretty much just a big sheet you can wear it any way you want). The lesson took about 45 minutes since for just a big rectangle of cloth it can be pretty tricky to arrange. I was first taught how to wear it long (much easier) and then short which would be how workmen would wear it. I never had an official sari lesson since Archana is a master at sari arranging and took great joy in dressing me up like a life-sized Barbie (I come complete with bindi, jasmine, and jewelry accessories!)

When it came time to leave India it was bittersweet, but perhaps more sweet-bitter. I had a wonderful trip in India and as my first travel experience it left a definite stamp on me. Seeing so many temples, peoples, and places, along with eating a great deal of Indian food I was on experience-overload the whole time I was there. It was quite the life changing trip. However, 7 weeks of sickness, crowding, complete strangers touching my hair, hands and face and just sitting and staring at me, witnessing the heart-breaking poverty every single day, having children thrust into my arms to bless or to take, and series of emotionally draining interactions with some of the most remarkable people I have ever met, all of it left me drained and done. I returned to the U.S. disbelieving the huge trip I had just undertaken, ready to see my family, and also ready someday to return to a country that is at once both beautiful and very, very ugly.

Thus ends India week, here comes Ireland!


Nicole said...

Fun. It's nice to see what you look like up close. It is harder to see in your other photos.

Lulu said...

yeah, I look different now since before I went off to India I cut off all my hair and dyed it brown. My mom requested that I never do that again, haha.

Nicole said...

I understand your mom right now! While a couple days ago, I would have said oh well... just hair. It grows back. Have fun with it. I like mine better shorter. But my daughter's hair has taken FOREVER to grow since she was born and was finally around her shoulders and then she went on errands w/ her dad who decided to get his hair cut and let her too and they stupid people cut so much off! Like 3 or 4 inches and now she looks like a baby again. I cannot get back these precious toddler years. I am VERY upset. It is so sad. She is almost 4 and looks like she did at 1 1/2!

Lulu said...

Oh that is so sad! My Mom has similar stories about that from when my sister and I were little. Except my Dad actually gave my sister a pair of scissors and let her cut her own bangs, guess how well that turned out! I hope her hair grows back fast!