More of Dingle

SHEEP!! Since the sheep can pretty much free roam, they are marked with dye on their bums so the farmers can tell their flocks apart. One of the students asked what the colors meant on the sheep, and before he explained the real reason, our driver told us in a charming Irish-brogue that the sheep with the blue marks go to the blue sweater factory and the sheep with the red marks go to the red sweater factory.

I feel pretty strongly that it is impossible not to get gorgeous pictures from both Ireland and India. The two places are just too lovely and distinctive to produce mediocre photos. Heck, I took some of my pictures out the window of a moving bus and they turned out alright. I think I should just go to stunning locations and inflate my little photography ego, as it was I was tempted to post all of my photos from Dingle, but I will spare you.


Rick said...

I believe the drivers first story

Lulu said...

you would... and that's why I'm dating you!