Computer and scheduling issues

So my four year old lap top is dying, it's a slow and painful death where the cord thinks that it is coming unplugged every 7 seconds (I actually timed it and it now consistently shuts itself off at 7 seconds). Besides the frustration of this, I am no longer able to turn it on (the battery is dead and since it keeps thinking it is unplugged there's no power to start it up) which means all my photos are trapped in the sad little dying laptop. I have some photos on Facebook from Peaks so I will be sharing those now while I try to figure out how to recover my other photos. I have some beautiful ones saved on my Mom's computer, but the motherboard on that has crashed because the cat kept taking naps on it. So in conclusion, I will try to keep providing pictures from beautiful travel destinations even though all the technology seems to be conspiring against me!

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