We drove from Pondicherry to Thanjavur, where we were going to visit the great temple and my travel companions had some research to conduct. Along the way we stopped at Chidambaram where there is a very good Nataraja temple (the god Siva in a particular manifestation, the dancing god) and then at Kumbakonam where they have the world's best coffee. Indian coffee was amazing and it is served in two little metal dishes, one is shaped like a cup, and the other like a smaller bowl. The coffee is poured from one dish to the other to cool it and to add air to it (I was often hopeless at this and any waiter in the vicinity would rush over to make sure it was done properly). The coffee itself was always milky and sweet (so for black coffee drinkers this may not be your cup of tea, or umm, coffee as it were) and quite hot.

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