Floral Stationary

Notecard Image: India
This is one of my favorites so far. A picture taken of the "Christ Flower" in Kerala, India, I then altered the photo in photo shop, much like what I did with the other photos. For the original picture go here.

Notecard Image: Lupine

This would have to be my second favorite in the floral theme, something about this and the photo before it just had a better quality and a simpler composition. The original photo can be found at this post.

Notecard Image: Hydrangea

This image is of a hydrangea in our yard but I had a hard time working with it and am not yet completely satisfied with the result.

Notecard Image: Brno

Taken at an art exhibit in Brno that also had an inside greenhouse, this image is very different than anything else I've created and I'm not yet sure what to think about it.

Since I'm just starting with this and toying with the idea of turning these into stationary, any and all feedback is greatly welcomed!


Rick said...

I like the second one best because of the details in it

Nicole said...

Nice. I am glad to see some of your stationery ideas. I actually like the 2nd and 3rd best. The Hydrangea would make a nice pattern. I would like to see one or two more colors in each. Either subtly or specific small painting areas or you can select an area and feather the selection and play with the curves and adjustments.

Lulu said...

Thanks Rick and Nicole. I really like the idea of playing with color on the hydrangea image, as soon as I have a new laptop and get photoshop installed on it I'll have to play around with that idea some more. Thanks for the suggestions!