Lighthouse Friday anyone?

Happy Friday! This is the Bass Harbor Head light, the picture from yesterday shows the cliffs that it overlooks. Growing up we had some wonderful neighbors including an older woman named Ginny who would let my sister and I come over and just sit and eat candy with her. My father even built a little bridge to go over the creek between the two houses because of how often I would toddle over there. I also apparently used to just sit and chatter away to her husband Al while he harvested dandelion greens (my father teases me saying he was the only person who could stand all my talking since he was almost completely deaf). I'm remembering Ginny in this post however because when she was a little girl her family was stationed on one of the small island lighthouses. Unlike some of the beacons that are on the coast and accessible all year round, she and her sisters grew up on an island the size of a large house that would become very treacherous to reach during the winter and storms. Sitting and listening to her stories my eyes would get wide and I would be so caught up in the narrative that I would even forget whatever sweet was in my hand.


Nicole said...

Lulu, Your blog is one I visit whenever I have time to peruse other blogs. I have tagged you for a meme. Here is the link: http://artandaioli.blogspot.com/2008/04/me-me-me-meme.html

Lulu said...

Thanks Nicole!