Trail Ride

Look at his stumpy little legs!! Definitely a big change from some of the great horses I've had the privilege of riding.

I started riding when I was five or six, and did it competitively for a couple years (while I love horses I was a bit too spacey for competitions and never did very well, especially in dressage). After we moved when I was younger though there was no longer a good place to go riding that was nearby and it became too expensive (in high school one of my friends had horses but they were pretty much unride-able, she had me help train some of them which consisted of a lot of me jumping on and quickly jumping or getting thrown off). While I was in Ireland though I jumped at the chance to go on a trail ride. Once we arrived at the stables however I was sorely disappointed since the horses were sad, sad looking creatures. I felt bad even riding there since I questioned how well the horses were cared for however since I came with a large group I wasn't able to just leave. I was placed with a tiny nightmare of a horse who's pace alternated between stopping and breaking into an uneven and jolting trot/canter. By the end of the three hour ride I was sore all over; my butt, my arms, and my legs were killing me. On top of all of that my knees which are used to being turned out for ballet had spent the whole ride somewhat turned in and were incredibly painful and I had a performance two weeks after I got back to school (the performance went great though so don't worry). Still it was great to go through some of the countryside and see Ireland in a new way.

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