How we pack...

Tom in the truck all loaded up to go out to Peaks. Last year we also had to pack formal wear for the weddin reception!

Peaks is a big excursion for us, and it requires a level of planning akin to landing a space shuttle on the moon. The truck is loaded up the night before with luggage, bikes, outdoor games and other essentials. The morning of we load up the cat and all her food and items (this year will be a little more difficult since we also now have a dog to bring, she at least can walk on the ferry with one of my sisters). Once the truck is loaded with household and recreational items, an advance team is sent out to the grocery store (the store on Peaks is small so we bring our groceries for the week out with us) and the struggles to find room for the food among the crab trap and lawn chairs. The whole group reconvenes at the ferry terminal where the truck is waiting in line. After an enjoyable ride out to the island, the truck drives to the top of the hill and we get out bikes so that everyone who doesn't fit in the truck (which is all but one or two people) can bike up to the house. Once everything is unloaded, the lawn chairs are set up in the back of the truck as seating and the rest of the week is spent with people riding in the back of the truck or biking anywhere they need to go.

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