Meme tag (like flashlight tag but better!)

First let me thank Nicole from Art and Aioli for tagging me for a meme. Definitely check out her blog but I should warn you that it will make you very hungry and you'll want to play hookie from work or school to spend the whole day trying out some of her recipes (don't say I didn't warn you)!

Rules (please notice my utmost compliance!)
1. Write your own six-word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.
4. Tag five or six (choice is yours) more blogs with links.
5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Here are my six words, and since I am a very visual person, I'm including some photos that I enjoy or that show a different side of me.
Optimistic An example of creativity, this also illustrates what I spent most of my free time on during my undergrad years. While dance and photography are my primary artistic endeavors I also have one painting that I did a year ago that my mother keeps trying to steal (she moved it out of my room and into the living room when I was gone one day).
My boyfriend definitely brings out my silly quirky side and we have whole folders worth of pictures of us acting like fools (in case you were wondering I am actually fairly tall, my boyfriend just happens to be 6'4" which makes me a shrimp in comparison).

And here are some things that you might not know from reading my posts...
1. I am amazingly good at doing imitations and accents (maybe I should work on some modesty, hehe). While I greatly enjoy talking in silly voices to amuse friends and family, sometimes I find myself picking up other peoples accents while talking to them, this is not always well received.
2. My voice apparently sounds like the character Phoebe on Friends (a show I am obsessed with, along with Grey's Anatomy where I would have to say I have the most in common with Izzie).
3. I am a dancer (mostly ballet although the photo above is from a lyrical piece I choreographed) and my Mom is working on converting me to running. We're training for the Beach to Beacon 10k in August.
4. I'm a major foodie although my dreams of culinary achievements far outweigh my successes so far.
5. In the fall I will be going to grad school for a double masters program in Archives and Library Science.
Now that you have all the info you could need about me... check out these great blogs that I love
People Reading (I am an avid reader and I love this whole concept)
The Winger (great story, great photos, great blog)
Daily Puppy (get your daily dose of cute in puppy form)
Orangette (more gorgeous food and amazing food writing)
Paris Daily Photo (I love this blog and how it reveals little pieces of the city one photo at a time)


Rick said...

Hey! I finally made the blog

Nicole said...

I loved learning more about you. You are very well-rounded. That is so cool. Somehow I knew you were tall... I think you can tell in all the photos. I am so short! I wish I had some height.

Thank you for all your nice comments here and on my blog!

Lulu said...

Rick- I'm glad you're happy about your official blog debut!

Nicole-I'm glad you like the info and silly facts. It's funny, I always used wish I was shorter and then I met Rick and his family (even his 16 year old sister is much taller than me) so now whenever I feel too tall I just visit there for a weekend. Thanks for all your great comments!